Meeting in Idaho

Returned from Idaho from a four day meeting. It was a good meeting; the church there is led by a faithful minister (Wayland McClellan) and his wife (jan). The committed Christians are taking the lead as well, and much has been done. Kimberly, ID is a small community of about 2500, nearby Twin Falls. The church in Magic Valley has had much struggle in the last number of years, but committed Christians make the difference. The congregation is, probably, about 25-30 in regular attendance, but our numbers in the meeting each time was good. Sister congregations supported it, and the locals from the area attended. I had three evangelistic sermons and two sermons that focused on encouragement. If I recall correctly, I think Barry Grider will be heading out in the next year or two, and there is another man (but to my regret I have forgotten his name). Good people they are!

The weather in Idaho was unseasonably cool; i think the high might have reached 80, but the low was a cool 55-60 each morning (coupled with low humidity, which I loved). Arriving in Illinois at near midnight……..there is nothing like walking into a walk of humidity! Wayland took us up top a low mountain top (about 5500 feet) and snow was still on top (albeit, old snow); enjoyed seeing that. Good to be connected with the meeting, but great to be home.

Today is catch up, but not sure if I will catch anything.

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