Memory requires exercise

Last night, in the airport, I asked The Missus for any telephone numbers she could remember of friends. I’d forgotten to take my cellphone. I was thinking that, if I had car problems on the hour-long drive home, at least I’d have some phone numbers written down in my agenda.

What few numbers I keep are in my cellphone. I couldn’t recall any number at all. Fortunately, she could.

Like most everything else, memory requires exercise. We complain that we can’t remember things. Our lack of memory is probably due to lack of mental exercise. We depend upon our devices to provide recall.

Considering our mental laziness, extra effort is needed to remember the Word of God. Things we need to do to remember it?

  • Read it often.
  • Talk about it with others.
  • Memorize passages of Scripture.
  • Write it everywhere.

My grandfather, George Matheny, was a man without learning. But he developed a system that allowed him to memorize the New Testament. If he could do it, anyone can.

We work on learning and internalizing Scripture, because we want to do one thing: Remember God, Deut 8.18; Neh 4.14; Psa 77.3; 78.35; 2 Tim 2.8.

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