Men, location, bureaucracy

I used not to know how to spell bureaucracy. Now we have to deal with it so much, I can spell it in my sleep. As I mentioned on the Facebook group (in English yet) of the church here in São José dos Campos, the men started meeting again today on Saturdays, once monthly, rather than short bursts of after-church decisions. Good move.

We’re looking out again for a place to meet. (The decision was not to rent the building next to my office.) That’s a recurring item for us that takes out time, but probably not as much as keeping a building up to standards. I keep telling the folk here we’re the moving church, in more ways than one. Finding a place for the church to meet is something most of you in the U.S. don’t have to worry about.

And the other hot topic was making sure our accountant is keeping the books up to date and not cooking them. Just making sure that all is neat and tidy before the law, not only with finances, but papers as well, is a major hassle. I like our situation at Taubate where we’re not yet a formally constituted group. For me let’s do it all in the homes and stay that way. Lots easier to work with, and all the money goes to the real mission of the church and the care for the saints. But I digress.

These two, location and bureaucracy, were the urgent items, and I hope next month we can talk about the real Urgency, that of saving souls.

I mustn’t complain about our good start. I pray we’ll work through the outstanding items.

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