Men will be humiliated

The message of God for Judah and Jerusalem in Isaiah chapter 2 included something the nation needed very badly and would receive from God.

“Proud men will be brought low, arrogant men will be humiliated; the LORD alone will be exalted in that day,” God told his prophet.

Sometimes it is possible for my ego to convince me something that isn’t true. Ego says it can sustain or enhance life all by itself. Ego takes responsibility for all the good things that happen and denies any negative consequences.

The prophets tried to tell Judah not to rely on itself but to rely on God. Jeremiah told Judah it was not possible for humanity to direct its steps (Jeremiah 10:23). Did Judah listen? Unfortunately, it did not. It became necessary for Judah to enter Babylonian captivity.

But God was not trying to hurt Judah when he humbled it. He was trying to help it. Yes, that doesn’t seem to make much sense, but it can.

Often it isn’t possible to realize how beautiful it is in the mountains until one has been in the valley. When one is humbled, it is possible for one to learn how much wisdom there is down there. While spending time in the valley is often not pleasant, we can learn how profitable hardship can be if we learn the lessons God wants to teach us.

The truth is that we need to become humble. We need to learn that we can’t and shouldn’t depend on ourselves for everything. We need to learn not to try and outrun God. It is when we do try to race him that we can fall.

By humbling us, God is trying to help us realize the importance of following and obeying him.