Milestones, prayer, empty nest, &c.

Richard mentioned to me a few days back that he’d reached his 500th post on TFR. Congrats! That’s quite a milestone.

• I noticed yesterday that I passed my 1000th post on my personal blog. Richard is good to note these, I tend to let them pass me by unnoticed unless I just happened to see it.

• Finding a good Internet domain these days is tough. Most two-word combinations are not available, except for the lesser used endings like .name. The longer the domain name, the more unwieldy it becomes, and harder to remember. But I found one for a prayer site, if it ever gets off the ground.

• For the alliteration lovers, I’m working on an outline on prayer. Remember the paint-by-numbers kits? The numbers tell you where and what color to paint. The Lord wants us to pray by name, by need, and by nation. That’s all experienced teachers and preachers may need, this little seed, to put together a good Bible lesson. (That’s one of the few alliterative lists that translates well into Portuguese: nome, necessidade, nação.)

• At home, we’re gearing up to put on a going-away party for The Maiden. She’ll be living in the US for a time to work and study, living with one of her brothers. We’re going to have an empty nest, which will not be a syndrome but a sign of progress in our life of faith.

• Oh, and last, the OT portion of the Lexham English Bible was released today for Logos Bible Software. Those of us who use an e-Sword adaptation for Mac will wait a bit yet. But it’s also on

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