Mind on travel

Several times I’ve wanted to answer one of my own Nudges — I’ve missed most of them over the last week or so. Somehow my mind can’t settle down long enough to do that. I travel tomorrow night for the U.S., to spend a month, as many of you know, in a second attempt to replace personal funds we’ll be losing in June. Other than the three events where I’m scheduled to speak, I have no appointments with churches, elderships or missions committees. Well, one, thanks to Ron. And this is supposed to be a fund-raising trip.

I will speak with one group of elders and missions committee members during one of the events, that’s already set up. I know the trip won’t be a waste, but I don’t want to spend long stretches with no prospects. Even a productive trip is a test of patience, to be away from home and wife and daughter. But to be away and twiddle my thumbs, so to speak, would be intolerable.

Perhaps things will fall into place. We do trust the Lord’s care for us, although the form it will take is still a mystery.

I ask your prayers for my wife and daughter at home, that they may be safe while I’m away, and for me to maintain faith in the Lord’s providence and focus for the purpose of this trip.