Mind ready for action

Rising Joy, by Vicki Matheny

Deceitful people will not live in my palace. Liars will not be welcome in my presence. Psalm 101.7

God is holy. In 1 Peter 1.15-16 he calls his people to be holy. We are to be like our father. Peter writes that we have purified our souls by obeying the truth. Truth and deceit are opposites. They cannot exist side by side. Either you are truthful or you are deceitful. In 1 Peter 2.1 we are told to get rid of all evil and all deceit. We cannot continue as we were and be pleasing to God. Deceitfulness is sin. We read in Isaiah 59.1-2 that sin separates us from God. If I want to be welcome in God’s presence, I have to be holy and pure. How do I remain holy and pure? Peter tells us in 1 Peter 1.13 to get my mind ready for action. I do that by renewing it with the word of God. I have to be in the word of God, reading and meditating. That is what prepares my mind to be ready for action. It does not happen by chance. I want to be welcome in God’s presence. And you?

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