Minimizing Jesus

Whenever I initiate a computer program, like word processing, email, Internet access, there is a small hyphen in the upper right corner of the screen. Clicking the mouse on this small hyphen minimizes the page taking it off the screen. It allows me to change tasks quickly and see different programs.

Once minimized, the program will not reappear until I decide to “click” on the icon. When I do the program will resume where I left it and I can then focus on that task.

People can decide to minimize Jesus and the true religion of Christ. All they need to do is focus on something other than Jesus or the Bible. Many folks have minimized Jesus right out of their lives.

If we minimize Jesus, we run the risk of never thinking of him again. When we minimize Jesus to focus on the world or on our own lives we risk losing him and a blessed eternity in heaven.

Many people have done just this. A life focused on self and the world is a life that has minimized Jesus. Time, as the saying goes, flies by and we can find ourselves standing on the door of death having denied ourselves of a life focused on Christ and eternity. We may find ourselves lost in a sea of self-service.

It’s easy to put off the inevitable. All one need do is minimize Jesus and eternity and focus on something completely unworthwhile like the world. This old world will be happy to occupy anyone’s attention with mundane and foolish things.

It takes more attention to stay focused on Jesus. The Lord of Glory doesn’t accept half-hearted discipleship. He demands we seek him first (Matthew 6:33).

What will you do with Jesus? Eternity will beckon soon. How you answer in this life will determine your destiny. What destiny will you choose?