Misc. news of us (read if bored or not otherwise profitably occupied)

I’ve been out of town the past few days. These next two months will be a flurry of work in various directions. I’ve got to get the final exam ready this week for the students in a TBC distance learning class on early & medieval church history. Next week I’m to speak once in a gospel meeting and somehow cover Psalm 119 in a single sermon (yet to be written–and I thought that preacher who gave me the assignment was my friend!). All the while, we’re trying to meet deadlines, submit all the proper documents, and jump through required hoops for our pending house purchase and fast-approaching move to Denton. Plan to take our first pick-up load of stuff up there to store in the church building tonight. Just remembered I’ve got to write a chapter for a book before the end of May. Our oldest is supposed to get his driver’s license today, and I have to be at the DPS office with him for that (who knows how long the line will be). This, on top of the normal preaching/teaching routine. But it is good to be busy.