Missed it again!

I love this, from Brett Petrillo:

About a month ago Julie’s uncle Rick nearly passed away.  For most of his life he has struggled with an inoperable brain tumor.  As his condition worsened, so have his chances of living.  In fact, he has come near to death many times now.  In his latest “close call,” Rick was in ICU and was unresponsive for days.  The doctors really did not see much hope and it was looking like his time had come.  But, as he has done several other times, he made a turn around.  He started improving.  He began responding.  Soon, he was even able to speak again, …  Realizing he almost had died again, he said, “Ah man!  I missed it again.”  Rick was saying that he missed going away to heaven!

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#death, #heaven, #hope