Mission work brainstorming–your input requested

Greetings fellows. I’ve got 2 young Christians in my Sunday morning class in Clinton (age 14 and 11) whom I’d like to try to plan some sort of foreign mission trip with in the next 2 – 4 years. Besides the 3 of us, I expect at least one parent of each would come along (and perhaps some others from the congregation).

I’d like us to go somewhere where English is a primary language. Also, it should be somewhere a current missionary is laboring or perhaps where a congregation is well-established. It would be nice to be able to assist a missionary or congregation in some way (both physically and spiritually), and at the same time open the eyes of these young people to how different the world is outside of America. My hope is that they would come back from a two week trip with a deeper passion for the Lord’s work and a better appreciation of just how blessed they are.

I know a few missionaries, but I don’t know enough about their current works/situations to know where might be the best fit–so I appeal to this fine group of brethren. I hope you can offer some brainstorming ideas. Admittedly, I’ve never been out of the country, so suggest away–anything you believe would be helpful! If there is someone you believe I should contact about this idea, please provide their contact info.

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