Missionary raises flag about support

George Jensen holds up a yellow warning flag in his March 5 post, “Food for Thought for the Mission-minded.” He wants to stimulate a “deeper consideration about how spiritual people ought to ascertain the worthiness of a mission effort.” George’s concern is well-founded. We see the same problem here in Brazil. Supposedly faithful churches in the U.S. are supporting progressive elements here.

George doesn’t mind naming names. He writes,

How deplorable it is when some are supported, sometimes for years, without the supporters even knowing the foundation upon which the worker stands.  For example, some of our readers may have heard of the mission effort called Namikango Mission in the African country of Malawi.  The stateside congregation associated with this work is the New Beginnings church in Houston, Texas.  Would you be comfortable worshiping where the “worship arts” include “dance ministry, drama team, and praise band?”  But the real question is not whether you or I would be comfortable, but whether such items are authorized by the One we serve (Colossians 3:17).  Even if the “dance ministry” is “open to everyone, exists to honor God through movement and dance” it cannot genuinely honor God when such is not by the authority of Jesus Christ.  (See www.nbchurch.com/ministries/worship-arts).

I’m aware of one sponsoring congregation in the U.S., again, supposedly faithful, that was informed, with evidence, of a missionary’s perfidy. The eldership took no action. It’s easier to turn a blind eye than to confront and actually oversee, instead of throwing money at a work and showcasing it on your bulletin cover.

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