Misspelled Words

Misspelled Words often go unnoticed. Have you ever engaged in correspondence and stopped because you couldn’t remember how to spell a word? I have. Because it happens a number of times, I have a dictionary beside my desk. There are other times, however, when the misspelled word moves right on by me and I don’t catch it until the document I wrote is finished. What an aggravation! To make it worse, sometimes I don’t notice until I see it in newspaper print. *** Misspelled words can represent life. Sometimes we catch it and go no further until we correct it; sometimes we catch it before that which is finished is mailed off; sometimes we don’t catch it at all. It’s when others have caught it and I have missed it that embarrasses me the most. I need to slow down and proof-read better before I send it, and I need to measure what I do before I do it. RT

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