Modesty is a Foreign Concept

The world has no concept of modesty. They wear as little as the law will allow.  After an hour in Wal-Mart today, I was exhausted from seeing so much immodesty that I posted on  Facebook, “Just say no to cleavage! Stop assaulting the public!” I thought my followers on  Twitter needed to hear this, as well. I lost six followers on Twitter, as a result. That is not surprising. People do not want to hear such things.

Women or men who walk around barely dressed, could ostensibly be accused of a small measure of sexual harassment on the public. They have a responsibility to be modest and to not be a s tumbling-block to the men around her (1 Timothy 2:8-9; Romans 14:13). Instead, they want to do anything they want without consequence.

This is even a serious problem in the church and it is getting worse. We need to be courageous and teach on this important subject.

Funny thing is, almost everyone will admit that immodesty is out of control in our society. Yet, things keep getting worse. There is a lot to consider about that from a psychological perspective.

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