MONDAY – Bible Reading – Luke 3

An explanation is in order along the line of an apology. I thought I had posted this yesterday (Monday), but it is apparent I did not. Please forgive me of this failing.



I.The time and message of John (3:1-6). John’s message was simple: those who thought much of themselves, he brought low with his preaching. Those who thought little of themselves, they were made equal with those of a higher social standing. He made the hills low and the valleys high.

II. Fruit worthy of repentance (3:7-14). When one changes his (her) mind, life changes along with it.

III. The message of John was about the Messenger to come (3:15-20). The challenge for each Christian is to NOT be chaff. John illustrated this with the life he lived and the incarceration he experienced.

IV. The Anointed of God and His physical heritage (3:21-38).