More Abortion Insanity

Abortion supporters are simply losing their minds. Recently, an abortion clinic claimed that abortion was a God-given right and sacred work. Now, Senator Barbara Boxer has offered further evidence of their madness.

“Why are women being singled out here? It’s so unfair,” Boxer said on the Senate floor Tuesday. “We don’t tell men that if they want to … buy insurance coverage through their pharmaceutical plan for Viagra that they can’t do it.”

Do we really need to explain to the Senator the difference between Viagra and abortion??? This is crazy!

She ranted:

“This amendment would be the biggest rollback to a woman’s right to choose in decades,” Boxer declared Monday. “What have women done to deserve this?”

We could ask a more pointed question, “What have babies done to deserve being pulled apart and burned with acid and tossed into garbage cans?”

Their beliefs and action are astounding and are becoming more desperate as the days pass. Let’s keep praying that America sees them for what they really are.  The majority of Americans are pro-life for the first time. Accordingly, pro-choice supporters are terrified. Let’s keep the political pressure on them and never relent.

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