More False Information

It is not surprising that there has been an assault on abstinence education in our society. So many have an agenda to allow complete sexual freedom for everyone. A condom in every pocket, if you will. Yet, they fail to realize that their view of abstinence is polluted.

This example is in the news today:

The US teen pregnancy rate rose in 2006 for the first time in 16 years, an report showed Tuesday, as experts speculated that the increase was due to abstinence-only sex education in schools.

People will read headlines and the first paragraph of this story and walk away thinking that abstinence is evil. Yet, the discerning reader will know something about the issue. They will read on and determine that this study comes from the Guttmacher Institute, which is the research wing of Planned Parenthood, which has a very decided financial  interest in sexual promiscuity.

Abstinence education is successful and will work whenever used properly. Many young people are raised in a situation where abstinence is not allowed to prosper. We cannot misuse something and then declare it useless. A product or program only works if used as designed.

Abstinence education does not happen in a vacuum. It is part of a larger picture of positive parenting and a proper moral environment. Separated from this worldview, young people often do not possess the right decision-making tools for moral virtue to thrive.

Let us be wise when we read the news and help our young people develop the same level of skepticism and discernment.

The bottom line is that sexual activity increases among teens because they are saturated by sex by their media influences and they are given so much opportunity by uninvolved parents.

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