More obvious than the nose on Durante’s face

Something more than obviousWith the fall of the price of oil, the dollar got a slight reprieve here in Brazil last week. But the decline has been going on now for several years, not only here, but worldwide. U.S. economic policy appears guaranteed to lose more strength in the once “almighty dollar.” For all the Republicans’ protest, the slide appears unstoppable. Prepare for a crash landing, my friends.

I’m no economist, hate handling money, but some things are more obvious than the nose on Durante’s face. (Anybody remember him?) Good thing our trust is in the Lord. It is, isn’t it?

• In my editorial today on FMag, I try to create a bit of suspense about the great headline that you won’t see in the papers or on the news websites (have to add the latter these days). You see if it works. My wife seemed to think so, but she’s partial.

• A thing observed: An otherwise good effort seems confused if it’s talking to brethren or those outside of Christ. I suspect it’s because we talk intra muros, among ourselves, so much. We’re just not accustomed to talking with pagans.

• On the personal weblog, a limerick about, of all things, bin Laden. A contrast in theme and form. Does it come across clumsy to you?

• A friend today encouraged me to hang in with a project (let’s call it that, for sake of generalities) which I’m eager to give up on and pass on to others. He said a voice like ours is needed. True, I replied, but I choose to speak where there are ears to hear. I’m trying to do a lot more of that selective speaking, today. You know, the pearls before swine principle.

• In the news, TSA stoops to new low: a bomb sniffer was caught on camera checking a baby’s diaper for terrorist material. If I could, I would refuse to fly. It seems the absurdities increase day by day.

• Last, the world’s absurdities should not surprise us, and the Lord’s reasonableness ought to give us constant motive for thanks. Some truths are paradoxes, faith is a constant challenge, and some commands at first glance make no sense, but his wisdom constantly manifests itself. Can I get an amen on that one?

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