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Here is an actual “news” headline from 8-17-12 – “Texas School District Eases Up On Dress Code, Allows Male Earrings, Visible Tattoos”

The headline reveals how this nation’s school system is letting us down! It reveals how the average school has a social hub mindset for children on the forefront while education concerns are actually on the back-burner. Although the story didn’t say it, I have no doubt that complaining parents was one of the reasons that the “dress code” was eased up on. Tattoos? These are children!!! Reading, Ritting and Rithmatic have obviously been exchanged for Revealing, Regressing and Rotting leadership both from parents and school districts.

As I’m sure most of you have heard, Neil Armstrong is dead at the age of 82.

The man who made it all the way to the moon wasn’t able to get away from death. No matter where we go, death finds us all. One thing that I can say that I appreciated about Mr. Armstrong is that he was willing to mention mankind’s Creator. While I can’t say I know much about his personal beliefs, I can say that just about the only thing I hear coming from NASA’s mouth today is all about searching for the origins of life – i.e. evolution garbage. Again, I don’t know what Mr. Armstrong’s true position was, but I think it would be great if a man in his position would acknowledge the awe of outer space in a way that points to its Creator.

Here’s a portion of my sermon yesterday about having a passion for our salvation. I thought some of you might be able to use it for a sermon idea:

There’s no such thing as a person who’s saved that wasn’t lost beforehand! Problem is from time to time some people forget who they need to be in Christ, while some of us forget who we used to be before Christ. Every one of us has a B.C. time in our life that we need to remember.

We sing the 1st stanza of Amazing Grace, but do we really believe it? Did God’s grace save an angel, or did it save a wretch? If we expect to be passionate about who we are we’ll have to remember who we were! We were sinners, lost, enemies of God, deserving punishment and bound for Hell.

Some may want to deny this, but we do so at our own peril! Jesus said He came to seek and save the lost – not the found (Luke 19:10). Fact that some of us may want to deny this explains why we might have no passion about our salvation!!!

How can we expect to be passionate about something if we don’t realize how bad we needed it? If we can’t realize how bad we needed it, then one day we will, but it might too late. Remember what Paul said about himself – 1 Timothy 1:15. Too many Christians look at their past like they were the least of sinners instead of the chief.

Forgetting who we were causes us to be someone who doesn’t care about others. It leads to spiritual snobbery! It leads to hypocrisy, hard heartedness and even hatred of others! It leads to self-righteousness, self-justification and self-condemnation! It leads us and others almost anywhere expect to Jesus.

So now, brethren, I commend you to God and to the word of His grace, which is able to build you up and give you an inheritance among all those who are sanctified.” (Acts 20:32 – NKJV)

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