Most influential Person in My Life.

I would have to say an elder in the Falls of Nuce church of Christ in Raleigh, NC. I had been absent from God for a number of years and he went out of his way to greet and welcome me the first time I visited the congregation. I tried to sneak out the door and he followed me. After talking for a while and encouraging me to return, which I did and confessed my prodicalness, he became my mentor. As for someone presently in my life I would have to say Jim Reyna, a preacher in a neighboring town, where I attended for a number of years. He finally received a liver transplant in Oct. 2009. He was suffering from Hepatitis C, from a tainted blood transfusion.Prior to his transplant he went through four life threatening incidents from vein back pressure to the liver causing vein leakage and ruptures. Nearly died twice. After the transplant they had to go back in twice to fix both the left and right arterial blood vessels to the liver for blockage. On march 12th his liver examinations show signs of rejection. They sent him back to Baylor Univ. Med. Center for in depth examination where they found the Bile duct to be the problem. He went back into surgery to have it reconstructed, then went back in again due to internal bleeding. He is coming home today. His stamina is an inspiration to me. I personally may have given up a long time ago.

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