Mothers or bin Laden?

• In the short time the news was released that Osama bin Laden had been killed, much has been written from a Christian standpoint. Yesterday, I decided to keep silence. Perhaps later I will sort out some ideas.

• The preachers are going to have a hard time Sunday deciding whether to preach about mothers or bin Laden.

• Relief efforts continue apace in Arkansas, Mississippi, Alabama, and other places where tornadoes hit. Now, the problem is flooding. Letl’s remember these in prayer, while we continue to remember and help our Japanese brethren.

• On our congregational website in Portuguese, with a new domain name, I’ve been working, so far without success, to improve the search rankings. This is a big business now, helping sites improve their search engine results. I seem to be finding some misinformation as well. For me, it’s a murky area, with all the different ideas.

• One of the pieces of advice that makes sense is regular posting. With new content added frequently, the search engines consider you a serious website. Made me think of a spiritual lesson. Those who are regular in meeting with the saints, consistent in their devotion, constant in their service, are those whom God considers serious Christians. Not so profound a thought, perhaps, but a truth often ignored.

• From Quick Bible Truths, this quote, which I expressed in English from a Portuguese translation of an English commentary: The argument that depends upon human intelligence is at the mercy of a greater intelligence. “Not with superior wisdom.” 1Co 2.1-8.

• The idea came from the International Critical Commentary on 1 Cor. 2 (today’s reading!), cited in the Moody Bible Commentary. And I took it from the Portuguese translation of the latter.

• The gospel is simple, not open to discussion. It is what it is. Based on facts. Either accept or reject, embrace or flee from the truth.

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