Everyone a motivator

In the preface to his book Bring Out the Best in People, Alan Loy McGinnis wrote,

… virtually everyone is a motivator in one situation or another—when we’re persuading a friend to lose weight, or giving a pep talk to our kids, or trying to help a batter out of a slump, we’re motivators. Either we are doing it poorly or we are doing it well.

Christians are motivators, in a real way. They are not mere educators. They want people to do something, obey the gospel. They not only tell people what God has done in Christ and what each person must do to be saved — information —, but they also encourage and exhort so that people will be moved to act — motivation.

Back in the day, gospel meetings often had preachers and exhorters, recognizing the two different facets of the process to lead others to make a decision. I’ve participated in such arrangements a few times, and it was a positive experience.

I want to learn to be a better motivator. Maybe making a list of how to better motivate people might be a good start. What are your suggestions to improving in this area?

¶ The kingdom of God has no honorary or hereditary positions. We are all called to serve the King. Every single position requires one to work. Every one. There are no retired Christians, no sidelined saints.

In this kingdom, buried talent is a sentence of death.

¶ I mentioned a few days ago that we had a great start with a little effort in a neighboring city. We hope that this will be the first step for a new work there. We were in a young couple’s home and four visitors from two families were present. I spoke on the biblical meaning of hearing, from Jesus’ conclusion in the Sermon on the Mount, in Matthew 7.24-27.

  1. Hearing means practicing.
  2. What we should hear is the word of Christ.
  3. Hearing is the difference between wisdom and foolishness.
  4. Hearing and refusing to hear both bring inevitable consequences.

We also sang and prayed, besides visiting and eating together afterwards. Reactions were positive to the time together.

¶ Five more days left in the month of November. The year races to the end. Age influences how we feel the passing of time, but only a 5-year-old thinks it’s slow. We continue strong with the #PraWriMo prayers. Have you visited there recently?

¶ The mind is tricky. We have to sometimes trick it back. Do you have some things that seem to loom so large in your mind you shrink from doing them? I do. So in my Bullet Journal, I created a new project page called “Hairy-scary things to do.” With a funny title and scraggly lines (see photo here), the page cuts the scary tasks down to size somewhat.

¶ In my notebook, I also keep open a space for prayer requests and thanksgivings. (I alway ask people if they have prayer requests or thanksgivings.) Some of those I transfer to my prayer lists on my personal TiddlyWiki. Lately, I’ve been posting them online and sending folks here the link.

Church bulletins sometimes publish prayer lists, a wonderful thing to have.

¶ To get an omelet, they say, you have to break an egg. We’re doing renovations in our house. ‘Nuff said.

¶ For the US, tomorrow is Thanksgiving. Here, it’s a regular work day. Before I thought about it, I confirmed a dentist appointment in the afternoon. Thankfully, it’s only for a cleaning. For supper (as we Arkansawyers call it), The Missus will prepare something a little extra nice, some of my favorites: veggie shepherd’s pie, sweet and sour carrots, and a chilled layered salad. Yum!

¶ On my 7Points nighttime posts, I’ve been doing some couplets, always as Point number 6, like this one:

The Lord is good, and only good he does;
Why don’t we see? Why isn’t the world abuzz?

Maybe the world will be abuzz with the Lord’s goodness when you and I turn it upside down with the Good News. Do you think we can? Do you?

¶ Finally, a verse, or rather a part of one: “They will be called oaks of righteousness, trees planted by the Lord to reveal his splendor” Isa 61.3b NET. Let us remember why we’ve been planted by the Lord.

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