My Absence

I feel I need to explain my absence from TFR while I can. As I write this I have very little to no feeling in my right hand, especially my thumb, index and middle fingers, thus making a lot of typos and corrections. I am looking at having spinal stenosis in my neck vertebrates. I have a pending appointment with a neurologist to either confirm or find a different reason for the numbness and tingling in my arms and fingers. I know I already have three bulging disc in my lumbar area and stenosis in the vertebrates in that area. this has been my reason to stop my input in the prior months because I could not sit in front of the computer but for very short periods of time before having severe pain. I have been seeing a chiropractor about the lumbar area and it has helped. I walk with a very unsteady gait, I have fallen or had to get down at a low level not being able to get up with out a lot of difficulty.

I still read most of your postings and am encouraged by what I read. I would appreciate your prayers in this matter. Thank you and praise God for the wonderful brothers and sister in His kingdom.