My end may be near

The server that hosts many of our sites (FMag, BNc, my weblog, etc.) has again blocked my Internet provider. For about the third time. Getting this unstuck proves to be a challenge.

• Blocking an Internet provider is like this: One person hacks or does something foul on the Internet, so the provider he uses gets blocked, along with all the people that use that provider. That’s the moral equivalent to when a 25-year-old steals something, you put half the 20-30 year olds in jail for it. How’s that for logic? Or am I missing something?

• I regularly help Brazilians, and others, connect around the world. This time, a Brazilian sister from another state going to spend a year in France. Apparently, no churches meet where she will be, so I pray she can find spiritual strength during this time.

Pãozinhos and tea for breakfast. Ah! the small pleasures of life. Another is sleeping in one’s own bed. Truly, no place like home, be it ever so humble.

• At supper, The Missus said it seemed like something was missing. (That something was The Maiden, who, if you’ve not heard by now, we left in the US.) I told her to consider it an extended date. Reckon that’ll work? Doesn’t that appeal to feminine need for romanticism?

• Since The Missus had her shoes on already, she went to buy bread this morning, and I put on the water for tea. She said there was Earl Grey, and when I saw a new box of it on the table, I opened it and used that. She returned and said there was a box in the cabinet already opened. As she came toward me with hands in that choking position. Now, I appeal to all men everywhere: Was I not justified in opening the Earl Grey on the table?

• I told y’all to pray for me as we came back to an empty nest. I may not last the week before The Missus does away with me.

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