My grandmother (passed from this life in…

My grandmother (passed from this life in 1989) was my greatest example – not only in word, but in deed. She would help any poor soul who needed help in any way she could. She would stay with people in the local hospital right up until they passed from this life.

I remember when I was sick with the normal childhood diseases (mumps, whooping cough, strep throat, chicken pox, etc.), she would bring my meals to me in bed, because I would be too weak to get out of bed.

She read her Bible every day – even when she was sick herself. She never missed an assembly of the Lord’s people unless she was extremely sick. I guess that’s why I never missed an assembly, because she and my grandfather would take me to church when I was still in diapers.

In a word – a selfless person who loved the Lord and her fellowman – a woman of integrity.

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