My interest in flying.

My interest in flying started when I was in about the third grade and in the hospital as a patient. My aunt and uncle brought me a book about Peter Pan. Oh, how I wanted to fly up and sit on one of those fluffy, white clouds. I compared it to a wagon full of freshly picked cotton (without that stiffling smell).

My brother is a pilot and he flew us from Andalusia, AL to McMinnville, TN one day to visit with Doug’s parents. He knew of my keen interest in clouds and broke rules by flying through one so I could understand them better. That did it for me. My interest now is in their beauty and formations.

I have flown other places and enjoy the speed as well as the beauty above the clouds. Quite frankly, I really prefer keeping my feet nearer the ground.

I hope to upload a picture I made on our last flight to VA to see our daughter and family.

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