My Look at the Brotherhood

I don’t have much to add to what has already been said. Weylan’s Deaver’s words resonate with me.

What is the state of the brotherhood? Fractured. The faithful are gaining ground for God. The faithless are giving up God’s ground. The factious are fighting over ground God doesn’t even want.

Our congregation is growing and I see congregations opening up after being closed. Being on Facebook with hundreds of brethren has created a new dynamic. You find out what is going on in other places of the brotherhood and I see a lot of conversions. Brethren are busy and striving to follow God.

There are plenty of people in the church who are flirting with danger. Their curiosity and jealousy of the denominations leads them into the land of apostasy.  Their untucked attitudes and demeanors are striving to become more worldly in hopes that they can lead people…where, exactly? Not to Christ!

Unsanctified doctrine and behavior does not lead people to sanctification. I see profanity on the rise among preachers and God’s people in general. That troubles me. Preachers are enamored and reverential toward denominational false teachers and that is having repercussions all over the brotherhood.

I pray that the brotherhood can remain strong and stave off a split that is being instigated by brethren on the extreme right and left wings of the Church.

If you ask me, the main things that the brotherhood needs are more brethren who are allowed to be full-time writers, better publications and an enhanced level of sanctification among the brethren. May God be praised in everything that we do!

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