My Nudge: God and Compromise

“Compromise” among our brethren is a four letter word. Heralds rise weekly and announce they will never compromise. But is compromise always wrong? If it were not for compromise I don’t know of a marriage that would succeed. But this isn’t about spouses; it is about God. God is light! God is righteous, just and condemns sin. I sin. You sin. The ideal is that you and I never sin. We are not ideal. God is also merciful and full of grace. God wants all men to be saved; you and me, too. Therefore, there must be a ________. I won’t write it. Let’s use another word: improvise. God’s justice was not compromised. Full redemption was paid. But it required improvisation; something other than the ideal. God Himself has given us an example. If you love your fellow man, find a way to improvise; find a way to work with him so as to draw him to God.