My prayer today

This prayer, translated from the Portuguese, reflects the reading of Isaiah 64 (in Portuguese), in parts. Say amen, if you will.

Holy and powerful Father,

You care for all your creation and exercise all authority over your creatures. We are your people, and we desire your light.

Save us, O Sovereign, from evil, even that which exists in our own hearts.

In the person of Jesus, you split the heavens and came down to earth and how wonderful it was for us, because he brought salvation in his hands.

Our Master defeated the devil, shook the world, and opened the way for everyone to walk in light.

There is no god like you, O Lord, who throughout history has done great wonders and chosen a people to bless the world through Christ.

“The Lord goes out to meet those who do good with joy, who are obedient to the Lord.” May we be among these!

Forgive us our errors, Father, and do not let us fall into temptation.

You are our Father. We are the clay and you are the potter. We place ourselves in your hands so that you may discipline us and form in us the image of Christ.

We confess that you are working in our midst and in the heart of each one of your people. You are not standing still, are not silent nor absent.

We ask today, Lord, for the people close to us, especially:

  • Those with the virus, that they may recover
  • Those who have undergone surgery, so that they may be well
  • Those who have lost loved ones; give them comfort
  • The weak in faith, so that they may be revived in the way of Christ
  • Those who have birthdays today, so that they may rejoice in this life and receive the new birth
  • The servants of the Kingdom, that they may find their strength in the Lord
  • Those who have lost jobs or have suffered financial losses; provide for their needs
  • The discouraged or depressed; open their vision to your grace
  • Families who are far away, that they may rest in the Lord
  • Those with broken hearts – renew their lives

Father, life is a process of losing many things that are precious to us. May we learn that salvation in Christ is what is most precious, but which can never be taken away.

In him we pray, Amen.

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