My “to-do list” is, generally, the sam…

My “to-do list” is, generally, the same. I spend a couple-three hours reading, necessary writing after that, exegetical work, and then busy work. This routine, I like a lot. Every now and again, there is a pop-up that I must tend to, but by and large the routine is steady. I do not, ordinarily, make a “to-do list” otherwise, but I have occasionally.

Heading to Idaho Saturday morning; I will be preaching a meeting there Sun-Wed, my wife and I returning the following Friday. Lived in ID about 10 years (cumulative), and it will be nice to get back and catch up. The church to whom I will preach is a new work, somewhat small, but glad to be able to help.

Fortunately, for Sullivan, we will have an esteemed preached (in my view) filling in Sunday – Randal. Many are looking forward to his arrival and preaching (Randal, you also have class – whatever you would like to do). His classmate from FHU (FHC at the time), will lead singing – Richard Hill.

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