Name Change?

Perhaps you’ll find the piece below interesting. I understand why this might occur (no biblical authority for the name), but it is a terrible shame when some are embarrassed by the Lord’s name – like we have some amongst us! 

Southern Baptists Considering Name Change

In order to better reach people for Jesus Christ, the Southern Baptist Convention — the largest Protestant denomination — is giving serious thought to changing its name. A presidential task force has been set up to study a possible change to the 166-year-old name that 16 million members reportedly identify with.

The SBC President Bryant Wright placed the proposal on the table on Monday during the first day of the SBC Executive Committee’s meeting in Nashville. The committee, comprised of 83 representatives, acts on behalf of the SBC between sessions. Wright explained that the denomination’s name poses some barriers, especially in church planting efforts, noting that it’s “so regional.” “A name change could position us to maximize our effectiveness in reaching North America for Jesus Christ in the 21st century,” Wright stated.

R. Albert Mohler, president of the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary and one of the most recognized Southern Baptist leaders in the country, said that Monday night’s discussion about the name change was vigorous and emotional. “Those who spoke to the issue with such passion and concern sent a clear and honest signal of how difficult the task may be. Family discussions are often difficult, but this is what healthy families do — they work through the challenges rather than run from them,” Mohler said. He listed some reasons why the denomination should consider changing its name. “We were established as an association of churches that would appoint slaveholders as missionaries. There is so much to celebrate in the heritage of our beloved denomination, but there is also a deep stain that is associated with slavery, the nation’s sectional division prior to and during the Civil War, and the legacy of racism,” Mohler wrote.

Questions the task force will be addressing are: “Is there value in considering a name change? If so, what would be a good name to suggest? What would be the potential legal ramifications of a name change? What would be the potential financial implications?” Meanwhile, Wright is seeking suggestions on a new name for the SBC at


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