Natural Born Sinner?

Few doctrines like Total Hereditary Depravity start a person off on the wrong foot spiritually when it comes to understanding the Bible’s teaching on sin and salvation. Despite the fact that it leads to erroneous teachings on the cross of Christ, it distorts the responsibility, accountability and feasibility of answering for personal sin by teaching the sinner to say (or at least think), “It’s all Adam’s fault and I can’t help the way I’m born.”

Sadly, by un-originally twisting the scriptures some even try to use Paul’s masterpiece on sin, law, faith, grace and salvation found in Romans to teach the existence of “original sin.” The abuse of Romans 5:12-19 disregards the fact that one doesn’t deserve spiritual death because we’re born any more than one deserves spiritual life because we’re born again!

Babies born guilty of the sin of Adam? That’s just something inconceivable according to the scriptures (Ezekiel 18:20).

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