Nehemiah 10

  1. After the prayer for the nation that had returned from exile – a nation that was but a fraction of itself when the Lord brought them from Egyptian bondage – that same nation had now committed itself to do those things the Lord outlined long ago.
  2. Application: Making a commitment is something that many people do, but fail to hold on to. I have heard and observed through the years people expressing a strong desire with regard to themselves, a determination to do they know needs to be done. They are convinced that they have the necessary “stick-to-it” attitude that will pull them though and even over the waves they will experience; they made a commitment. One’s determination, however, can be clouded with distractions and when that occurs then one’s initial determination begins to “grow” weak. Ultimately, then, for some, the commitment is lost. That which is necessary to hold on to a commitment are the following: a) a deep abiding trust in the Lord, b) a volition that refuses to allow outside distraction to intercede, c) brethren to exhort us along the way.