Nehemiah 3 and 4

  1. Chapter 3 is a chapter that mentions the diligent work of the various people; all had a place to work, and all set themselves to that work. Chapter 4 deals with the affliction of 2:19 as those who opposed the Lord’s work mustered up a plan to thwart it. That plan, however, was revealed, and Nehemiah took the necessary steps to protect the work and those who worked it.
  2. Application:  The people had a mind to work, the Scripture says (4:6), and this mind to work was coupled with good leadership and the Lord’s protective care. Add to this a belief in the cause that is pursued and it was not long before much had been accomplished. Though much was accomplished, it was not achieved without great concern. That is the way it is many times; we look upon the work to be accomplished as a mountain to be scaled, but when we set our minds to it, before we know it, it is done.