As Job sat in the junkyard scraping his boils with a broken piece of pottery, he was confused and afraid.

His friend, Eliphaz, told Job he had once been the encourager and the strengthener of others, but now, “the shoe was on the other foot,” (Job 4:5).

It was probably the case (as it is for many, many others) that Job thought he knew his “destiny” in this world (Job 4:6). He thought how his life was going to turn out. Truth was, he didn’t know that at all.

We don’t know that, either, contrary to what the world wants us to believe.

The world has a way of convincing us (especially if we’re older or infirm) that achievement and life are over. It is the young who have a future. It is the young who still have possibilities in life, the world says.

The truth is, God is not finished with us until we draw the final breath. He’s not ready to abandon hope for us and neither should we.

Wayne Jackson wrote, “Only in eternity will we be able to see how Jehovah has worked his marvelous plan. Truly, the final day of history will be a time of the ‘revelation of the righteous judgment of God,’” (Rom. 2:5).

Don’t listen to the world. It isn’t time to give up, yet.

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