‘I never wonder if I’m wrong.’ Where did Bart go amiss?

“The truth of the matter is I never do wonder if I’m wrong.” So ends Bart Campolo, son of famous evangelical Tony, an interview on World Mag. A few years back he rejected his father’s religion and turned to atheism.

Below, a few thoughts of mine after reading the interview.

Bart says he never saw a miracle where an amputee was healed. Sounds like he was rebelling against the Pentecostal or charismatic faith. I’ve never seen a miracle. Period. I have read about them, however, from credible eyewitnesses. When the faith is made to perform in ways God did not intend or impossible claims are made for it, thinking people will have problems.

Bart rebels against the teachings of Scripture on sins like homosexuality. Maybe he listened more to society around him than to the Lord above him. Of course, when you think the Lord is speaking to you in voices and dreams and whatnot, rather than through Scripture, truth starts getting foggy real quick.

Bart’s statement above sounds like the bluster of an American presidential candidate we all know. It sounds arrogant. It makes one wonder if the statement pushes against continuing doubts. God knows the heart, and I’m certainly no mind-reader, but perhaps atheism drives one to extreme self-deceit since it is a total rejection of all evidence of creation by the Almighty.

Bart wants the feely-good ministry of relationships and nice things without the holiness of God. It probably can’t last long. You can sing campfire songs only so many times. He has no moral basis to stand on or recommend to others. Who’s he to say that drugs or sex or things can’t provide a great life? So judgmental!

Even though I don’t follow the faith of his father, one can feel, as a parent, the pain in having a child reject one’s teaching. I know friends in that situation. My heart goes out to them. I’m grateful for my faithful children, and, like Job, I pray for them each day. I pray for Bart as well.

Arguments for God’s existence and the integrity of faith are strong. The present has meaning only in light of eternity. Thanks be to God for mercy and revelation of himself! May we all acclaim his sovereignty, reverence his holiness, and live in the joy of his love.

#atheism, #protestantism