A boocoodle of new developments

We started Sunday school in the Taubaté church this afternoon. For now, it’s a 30-minute period of teaching not very distinguished from our worship, no interval. In July, we’re going through the evangelistic Bible course (BCC-type) the church is going to use.

I preached this morning in SJCampos on evangelism, with a couple of true stories. Base text, Luke 9:57-62. The chapter opens with the limited commission, sending of the Twelve. It ends with another sending, “as for you, go and proclaim the kingdom of God” (v. 60).

Lots of people traveling, out of state, even out of country. July is the second vacation month for a lot of people. January, in summer time, is the big one.

Google is getting ready to roll out its social media site. Similar to Facebook. They’re giving out a few invites before the public release. I got in today. Looks interesting, if you like Google. They have a video chat. And Facebook, not one to fall behind, will launch a Skype chat for its members this week.

Meanwhile, I’ve been experimenting with live audio and video podcasts. In Portugese for now. Who knows but I might try it in English as well.

I say I’m a writer, because I don’t have a face for TV (video) nor a voice for radio (audio). But somebody probably thinks I don’t get the words down very well on the screen, either. Let’s see, I can still be a reader, right?

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