New discoveries when I’m teaching


Here’s the pic from our pizza party Friday night in Taubate. Good friends here. I took this with Haroldo’s camera, so I had to tinker with it, since it had no flash. This was after we demolished the food. Nothing left.

The pics from the birthday party last night are here.

Did I tell you already that I’ll be away some from the Internet this week, as we travel? I can’t remember to whom I’ve said what. Such is the whirl of preparation.

Do carry on normally. More than normal. Take up the slack for me, please.

We saw the granddaughter tonight on skype, did the usual grandparent-baby-talk thing. My parents didn’t have that blessing when our kids were growing up on a different continent from them. They sacrificed a lot as we did our work. His work. And they did it gladly, mostly.

I preached this morning, taught our new Bible school this afternoon, led singing, also. I think I’ve finally gotten used to leading singing. At least, among the brethren here in Brazil. Don’t ask me to do it in the U.S. Scares me to death.

But I love to teach. Preach, also. The more the merrier. The interaction in teaching, though, is what makes it even more interesting to me. Love to draw people out. Make ’em think. Challenge in the best way possible, toward growth, toward love for the Lord, toward commitment to the Kingdom.

I often make new discoveries when I’m teaching — in the act of teaching, not just the preparation. The back-and-forth discussion seems to make that happen. Something about that dynamic. You know I’m not charismatic, nothing like that, but the Spirit of God moves powerfully to bring out his truth in such moments. Is it OK to attribute that happening to the Spirit? No miracles, no supernatural revelation, just God working, as he does everywhere, in everything.

Well, I have bags to pack. Or maybe I’ll sleep on it, and in the morning see what clothes fall in the suitcase during the night.

Say a prayer for our trip, please.

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