I love news and look for it from a variety of sources. With the advent of new technologies, this pursuit has evolved. I never watch the local news and I don’t read a newspaper everyday because our local papers are too small or I don’t have a current subscription.

The main source of news for me is The Drudge Report and Fox  News. I also read a large variety of news sites so I can be informed and do the “In the News” segment on my Moving Word blog.  I have several news sites as friends on Facebook and I remain informed by them, as well.

The most revolutionary thing that has happened to news in years  is Twitter. I can find out things there quicker than I can on the big news sites. In addition, I can learn things that these sites don’t publish.  I have a lot of the newsmakers, reporters and insiders on my Twitter list. From them, I can get insider material and insight that I can’t get anywhere else. It is a truly remarkable thing.

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