Newspaper articles number above 500

By Douglas M. Williams Sr.

During the years we have lived and worked with the Geneva church in Alabama, I have been blessed to write an article, “What does the Bible say about…” for the local Geneva Reaper each week. Glenda and I were talking about it recently and decided that I have written over 500 articles. She has been diligent to clip these articles and save them through the years in a 3-ring binder in clear plastic sleeves with the dates they were printed in the newspaper. 

Through the years people have commented on reading the articles, but recently we had a gentleman in our home who was asking Glenda to restore some pictures of his recently deceased wife. While there, Glenda brought the large book of articles to me as she reminded me it was Friday morning and time for an article to be sent to the editor of the paper. I reuse articles occasionally.

The gentleman raised his voice and said, “Do YOU write those articles? Is it YOU? I read them every week, and you are right with the Bible. Man, I love you more than ever now knowing YOU write them!” He kept on and on and even mentioned it again on a later visit.

We may think that things like the weekly article which you see here in this column from time to time goes unnoticed, or it is an unnecessary expense for the church, but people are reading it. The man even commented as to where it is located in the paper each week.

A few years back we learned of a denominational preacher who was clipping and saving the articles. Another lady told us she cuts them out and takes them to the jail to share with the ladies she teaches each week. These are some we KNOW about, and the good the article has done through the years. Only heaven will reveal the good that has come from this effort.

Thank you for allowing me to do this work. Our plans are to compile them into a book in the near future. 

(This article is taken from the Minister’s page in our weekly bulletin.)               


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