Newt Gingrich liked my tweet

I tweeted some during the GOP presidential debate in Iowa last night. Newt Gingrich’s campaign retweeted one of my tweets. Later, I shared my quick take on the debate results on Facebook.

• We don’t teach much on the sin of stealing, at least, that I’ve noted. So I was pleased to see this article by John Werhan on Forthright Mag. It’s a problem, it’s prevalent, and it needs more attention, is my guess. Probably, we think it’s one of those obvious sins that everybody knows is wrong and we’ve chose to fight other battles, reckon?

• Some folk are tweeting the Polishing the Pulpit sessions, as was done last year as well. Nashville preacher Adam Faughn just tweeted: “The non-church goer cannot be reached by the non-going church” –Michael Shepherd

• Speaking of evangelism, I’m waiting on Rick Kelley‘s permission to publish his latest bulletin article on the Bulletin Digest website. (He’s probably on a Friday-night date with the wife.) If you ask him real nice, he’d probably put you on the email list to receive the Prestonsburg KY bulletin. He writes or publishes a short article each week, along with information of interest to the congregation.

• Finally, an evangelism quote. Ken Anderson quotes a lady in his book A Coward’s Guide to Witnessing: “How can Christianity be important if Christians never talk about it?”

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