No Aim

Since replies are limited to Tim Hester’s secret method (how’d he do that?), I’m choosing this way of replying to Richard’s article on the “Greatest Problem in the Church.” It is related closely to what Richard wrote.

It takes aim to shoot a firearm, an arrow or a space shuttle. It takes aim to throw a football, a basketball, or shoot a golf ball. Corporations realize the importance of aim whenever they set their purpose statements and goals. But, how many churches take aim in the important things they do?

No preparation of men to become elders means no aim. No goals for spiritual or numerical growth mean no aim. No purpose statement means no aim. Churches that have those programs, purpose statements and goals take dead aim. They know where they want to take the church and how to get there.

The rest, if they ever get there at all, go by accident. That, my brothers and sisters, is tragic, and does not serve the Master well at all.

#aim, #leadership, #target