No borders or barriers. Free access for all. You will be assimilated.

Number 576 • October 26, 2020


I remember late last year something a primary candidate for the office of president of the United States of America said in debate, something that no others in the congested swarm of would-be’s, wanna-be’s, please-let me be’s, and I’ll-give-whatever-you-want-if-I-get-to-be’s vying for the nomination were willing to say, then or now – probably because none of the others agree with what this one brave person said. I won’t name the person because it isn’t important to know who said it; the important thing is what was said.

Speaking of the controversy about a wall, barrier, or other device to mark and secure our national border this candidate said something so cogent and clear, so self-evident and irrefutable it is amazing and astounding that resounding affirmative “Amens” have not been heard from other candidates in her political party or from the Party itself. She said, “Without secure borders we do not have and cannot have a separate and sovereign nation.”

The principle applies at every level: state, county, city and township, and all private and public properties that are clearly marked or identified – crossing set boundaries, whether or not marked, walled, or fenced is called trespassing, a violation of property rights.

If the principle of secure borders is not valid and defensible at the national level, it cannot be imposed at any level – corporate or private, group or individual. Which means if invaders or self-invited trespassers enter your home and settle among your family members, expecting or demanding to be treated exactly the same as family members, you have no right to object. It means some person or group can take possession of your house and force you out of it. Don’t say such a thing couldn’t happen; it is actually happening – on a broader extent cities and states are demanded – not asked for but demanded, and threatened with destruction if they are not given over: give it to us or we’ll burn the whole thing down. Sounds like the wolf and the three little pigs, doesn’t it. “Open the door and let me come in, or I’ll huff and I’ll puff and I’ll blow your house down.”

I may not be politically correct but I’m not so foolish as to label people as wolves or pigs – I’m still talking about the “Open Borders” principle being advocated by many ignorant and foolish politicians today, which really means “no borders, barriers, or separations of any kind.” Of course those who want to impose such a standard upon the nation and the body civic or politic do not intend that it be applied to themselves. They maintain their boundaries, their properties, their houses, their personal spaces with walls, fences, and guards (often armed). By usurping or being allowed a place among the elite ruling class, or joining the rebels who have gained control by violence and threats, they exempt themselves from the ruled and overruled classes into which all others are forced. No borders, no restrictions or requirements for entry, no inhibiting laws, no rules or no enforcement of rules, no importation of applicants and assimilation of those submitting to due process but no penalty or punishment and no repression or removal or deportation of infiltrators and squatters – what are the predictable results of an unobstructed influx of aliens?

It will not be a symbiosis. The invaders will siphon off the blessings and benefits of citizenship but contribute nothing to the compliant and complacent host – the parasites will kill the host and then either die themselves or move on to another available target. Either way, the host dies. Power-mongering politicians, including political popes, who isolate and insulate themselves from the pandemic but profit from its ravaging and destruction of others, and eventually of the nation itself, are surely the most despised and despicable, dishonored and dishonorable dregs of society, least deserving of respect from others. Warning: do not shake the bottle until the dregs rise to the top where they coalesce and thereafter contaminate the whole and cannot be removed without damage to all the contents of the bottle.


Even a socialist pope does not believe and will not tolerate a church without rules, regulations, terms of entry, and threats of expulsion for non-compliance. As the highest ranking member of the episcopal hierarchy and therefore estimates himself to be second only to Christ himself (not second to God), he reserves the right to interfere in any and all other religious and political platforms but he denies the right of any being of lesser ranking than his to invalidate anything he says when he speaks ex cathedra (from “the chair” of Peter, the Prince of the Apostles allegedly appointed by Christ himself). But anyone who has illusions about him ruling over a “never-changing” nearly 2,000 year old church must be blissfully ignorant of its true history. Having put words into the mouth of Peter and, worse than that, into the mouth of Christ and the Spirit of God, self-aggrandizing popes of the past, whether or not “sainted” (by the church but not by God) have not brought themselves or their constituents closer to God. They have allowed and welcomed concepts of unhallowed persons councils and synods to convert “the church” into a socio-political powerhouse that is spiritually defective and deficient, devoid of power and influence with God, Christ, and the Holy Spirit, or with God-seekers and truth-seekers in the world – a situation of which the members are unaware and perhaps innocent.

The movement known as “Reformation” did not seek to go back to the beginning but rather to protest and change (reform) some of the more egregious errors of the medieval church and offer new ways to view the gospel, salvation, and fellowship in Christ. That was not really a solution. It opened the way to diversification – the ecumenical idea that all varieties of “Christianity” were welcomed into one house of God, one spiritually diverse family, that has produced tens of thousands of “protestant” denominations.

Maybe by now you are saying, “Thank God for the Restoration movement, of which we are the catalyst and culmination – we’ve finally got it right.” If that’s what you think, you’ve still got it wrong. The church of Christ may have come closer than most others to restoring the church that Jesus established, but from the very beginning diversions, deflections, and defections appeared – Judaism would not let go; separation according to chosen leaders was a heresy that continues to the present day; sectarian groups appear but try to maintain identity with “the movement,” some pro and some anti certain tenets of the faith, approving themselves and disapproving or disavowing others who profess the same faith.

How does it happen? The borders, barriers, and boundaries have been moved or removed. The terms of entry and fellowship have been changed or reduced to a redundant or ambiguous formula. The terms “gospel” and “obeying the gospel” have been diluted so that nobody can be excluded, so that every social or cultural preference can be included, nobody can be hurt or insulted by being called wrong, nobody can be denied a place with full rights of fellowship because God has supposedly denied us the right to judge others.

The Lord High Executioner in Gilbert and Sullivan’s opera, “The Mikado,” made a proclamation: “I am right and you are right and all is right as right can be.” In other words, nothing is wrong, nobody is wrong, everybody must be accommodated and allowed to “do his own thing.” Accommodation is the key word. Make a place for everyone. As the “Borg,” in Gene Roddenberry’s science fiction masterpiece informed everyone: “Resistance is futile. You will be assimilated.” And the so-called churches (including some of us who claim we are the church) speak of it as the developing church or the emerging church, saying the church of the Lord Jesus Christ is what it has become and is still becoming what it is going to be. So? So quit struggling and be happy with things the way they are and the way they are developing.

But what then have we become? What are we becoming. An amorphous mess. Excuse me, I meant to say mass but mess doesn’t seem an inappropriate label. No borders, no boundaries, no rules or requirements or restrictions? As the once hopeful political candidate said, without these things we cannot have a country, a nation, a state or any definable group – not even a family. Certainly not a church, a separate, particular, peculiar people of God (Titus 2:14, Acts 2:41 and 47, I Peter 2:9-10, and 13-16).

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