No emphasis on the church?

Would you agree with this statement by J.C. Hoekendijk, written in 1952? Please share your reasons for agreeing or disagreeing.

In history a keen ecclesiological interest has almost without exception been a sign of spiritual decadence; ecclesiology has been a subject of major concern only in the “second generation”; in the “first generation,” in periods of revival, reformation or missionary advance, our interest was absorbed by christology, thought-patterns were determined by eschatology, life became a doxology and the Church was spoken of in an unaccented and to some extent rather naive way, as being something that “thank God a child of seven knows what it is” (Luther). This child of seven should constantly cross our path whenever we set out to “engage in ecclesiology.”

Quoted in G. W. Peters, A theology of church growth, p. 45.

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