In the local newspaper (the Mattoon-Charleston Journal Gazette Times-Courier) on March 9th reported that “Illinois has joined a group of states filing arguments with the U. S. Supreme Court that the Constitution requires approval of same-sex marriage nationwide” (A-3). In the 3rd paragraph in the short brief, it reads, “Attorney General Lisa Madigan said Friday that the right of same-sex marriage is to ensure everyone has equal protection of the law and to affirm that ‘all individuals are equal.’”

In our country, and it seems Illinois especially, we are a people without moral direction.

Same-sex marriages are marriages that are self-defeating. There is NO way for same-sex marriages to perpetuate the human race, thus, the only direction that humanity can travel with such a scenario, in such a morally confused scenario, is into the realm of extinction. This is what atheism, agnosticism, and secularism gives us!

It won’t be long, and perhaps it has already started to occur, wherein there will be a strong effort to legitimize polygamy again. To argue as Illinois does, there is no rational reason to resist it, is there? Would you say the Constitution opposes such things? It supports it as much as it does same-sex relationships!

Such thinking and living relegates the female to less than her created position by God. In fact, she is nothing more than chattel property to satisfy the male’s lust!

More than that, however, the direction of this reasoning process by liberals (mainly the Democratic Party) can present no just reason to oppose a desired relationship between a human and an animal. If it is asserted that such a relationship is immoral, on what basis would/could it be judged immoral?

Christians welcome this discussion.