Not your grandma’s neighborhood

• Was a chilly 41ºF this morning when I got up. Makes it hard to get out of bed, when you have no indoor heating. Once I got moving, though, the devotionals and other morning tasks got checked off in quick order.

• The news is out: our family will be in the U.S. July 26-Aug. 9 for family time. My dad will turn 80, the grandkid, 1. My mom’s birthday is in that time slot as well. I’d thought of doing an afternoon seminar from my “The Jesus We All Need” material on that last Saturday somewhere around the old hometown in honor of my dad, but that may be hard to fit in.

• Here’s an idea for you: At Taubate, we’re putting a copy of our Bible correspondence course in the hands of every saint, every Sunday, to be shared during the following week.

• I started this post this morning. It’s been one of those days. Please say a prayer for me. After the morning tasks, it went downhill from there.

• In the morning (Wed.), catch the story on about a campaign in the largest “neighborbood” (bairro) in Latin America. Wanna take a guess as to how many people live in that government housing project? I gave a seminar there a couple three years ago.

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