Note To Subscribers


Over the last few days I have received an inordinate number of requests for “An Open Letter To Christian Colleges, Schools of Preaching, And Bible Institutes,” my “News & Views” of January 24, 2017. Several on my mailing list have said they did not receive it. After receiving and reading “Responses To Open Letter,” my “News & Views” of January 31, 2017, several have written asking for the “Open Letter.”

I have answered each request. However, I would urge the readers to please check their spam, their deleted folder, or their block senders list to see if perhaps the “Open Letter” may have wound up in one of those locations.

Too, it would be helpful, to say nothing of being highly appreciated, if when you change your email address you would let me know. I have deleted some from my mailing list because the message came back as having been sent to an invalid address.

I might also mention that “Hugh’s News & Views” is published on three websites: Bloggers in the Churches of Christ, Searching for Truth, and Striving for Unity Through Sound Methods for Learning Truth. It can be accessed at these sites. It also is posted each week on my Facebook page and those who are my FB friends may access it there.

The “Open Letter” and the “Responses To Open Letter” have generated the largest number of responses and the greatest interest of any “Hugh’s News & Views” in my memory. Responses continue to come in every day. This is greatly appreciated. My sole purpose is to do only good and to advance the cause of our blessed Savior and Lord.

Hugh Fulford

TFR Editor’s note: Brother Hugh’s emails are also posted here on TFR, under the tag “hughfulford,” with few exceptions when we were in transition from the old site. The emails he mentioned above are on the site and available at the links of their respective titles.