Notes and prayers

Looks like my book will head to the printer tomorrow. It should be out around the time I arrive in the U.S. next month. Please pray it may bless many.

Speaking of U.S. time, there are three events and four speeches to prepare for. It’s time to move on those. A calendar should go up soon on those and other slots. This is basically a fund-raising trip to replace lost funds. Pray for that, too.

Before that, The Missus and The Maiden fly to speak at a women’s retreat down south. Yup, both of them. This is time number three for them both. They’re getting a good reputation at this. Pray for them, too.

A couple of items as this Monday expires for me (but not for many of the Fellows, who should post, post, post). Check my FMag article, “The Mosquito Truck.” And see the short poem, “You Cannot See,” to encourage you to keep up your good efforts. Pray we all may keep our spirits high.


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