The goings on at about this time in the secular world was a conspiracy to thwart the rule and might of Babylon by not just Judah, but other nations as well. Jeremiah preached to the people the Lord’s word in this circumstance—it will not work, so don’t align yourself with the conspiracy. Hananiah, one of the false prophets Jeremiah spoke against through his preaching, stood and negated what Jeremiah said in the previous chapter (27:2) concerning the symbolic yoke; in fact, Hananiah’s “prophetic” word made what Jeremiah said, in effect, a lie. A peripheral application of Hananiah’s words was that Judah could align themselves with the conspiratorial group and by so doing be relieved of the oppression inside of two years. This, of course, went straight back to the author of those words—the Lord. The Lord was not pleased with what transpired, and told Jeremiah that he needs to go back to Hananiah and tell him of the Lord’s displeasure and judgment against this false prophecy, having made the people believe in a lie.