The time frame of this chapter, which is an official correspondence from the Lord (through Jeremiah) to the people taken in captivity to Babylon, is about 598 B.C. The nature of the correspondence is two-fold; first, the Lord wants those who were taken into captivity to know and remember that the Lord will watch over them; second, because the Lord will watch over them, they are to settle themselves in this new land. At the proper time, after seventy years, the Lord will return those who desire to return back to the land from which they came, Israel. As you read this chapter be mindful of why this is taking place. The obvious reason is because of their sin, but the Lord turned an unfortunate experience that people of Israel endured into a positive many years later. With Jewish influences in other parts of the world, the Lord’s apostles had an audience to spread His message that is introduced in C-31. However, while the people reside in their new land/home, the Lord gives warning that those who are self-appointed prophets (called “demented” in the NKJV) will meet with the Lord’s disapproval; thus, let not any of those who reside in Babylon’s territory listen to these false teachers.